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Saint Dumas
11-08-2011, 15:16
Hola a todos,
Uds. saben que me fascina el tema de Sociedades Secretas (Skull and Bones, Illuminati, Masonería) y las teorías conspirativas en general. Encontré este excelente video del rapero K-Rino, que habla justamente de eso... para el que no entiende ingles, es medio complicado, pero está tan bueno que vale la pena que le den una mirada.
Un abrazo.
St. D.


11-08-2011, 15:33
Te edite para ke se vea el video aca mismo..
Ahora en un toke lo miro y te doy mi opinion!!!!!!
Se me hizo un poco complicado entender algunas cosas asi ke buske la letra...
La dejo a continuacion!!!
Despues si alguien tiene muuuuuuuuuchas ganas la puede traducir jajajaja

[Talking: K-Rino]
As we move forward
Anytime you come closer to something
Your vision should get clearer
Am I right?

You are a tool in the hidden hand that's using you
Please don't be delusional the rulers of this world practice confusing you
The people and the priest and the Imams
Have been jammed by government scams, mind systematically programmed
Blatant Black hatred and racism
The way they laced the whole world in nation with traces of Satanism
This place is a pigeon prison, the Founding Fathers enslaving intensions
Were no different than Bush's and Reagan visions

1776 it took action
This Illuminati took form it was spawn from a Columbian faction
Just flip your one dollar bill over
And if you want me to expose the true code of deception I will show ya
We live in a designed wicked system
The number 13 is consist in Masonic symbolism
It represents transformation
12's completes a cycle so 13's rebirth and regeneration
The meanings of the symbol are strategically hid
On left side you see a 13 legged pyramid
Over that sits the All Seeing Eye were the light shines
A sign of the devil watching over you at all times
With the words "Annuit cœptis"
13 letters meaning "he has favourite our undertakings" will you accept this?
Or will you learn the science and ignore him
Under the pyramid you see "Novus Ordo Seclorum"
Translated "New Order of the World" of the "New World Order"
Authors and Satanic fathers of mass slaughter
The Eagle that you see on the right
Since below 13 stars with a shield that has 13 stripes
And an olive branch in it's claws with 13 leaves
Which is supposed to be in it's talon to represent peace
But peace was always on a decrease
His other claw holds thirteen arrows of war set to be release
And the letters at the bottom of the pyramid are fixed
With the Roman Numerals that equal 1776
The United States of America exists
In a deep devilish abyss with truth and paganism mixed
Every president that ever lived was foul
They gather at Bohemian Grove where they bow down before the Owl
See the Owl is wise and sees through the darkness of night
And there's a small one on the dollar near the one on the top right

It ain't hard to understand this government was never for us
The Eagle was based off of the Egyptian Hog Horus
13 colonies, who went to wicked sarrintine
And made no apology for the obvious idolatry
Subconsciously, we follow the ways of the beast
And pay homage to Pagan God who we say days of the week
Like Sunday, they worshipped the sun, Monday is moon day
Tear the God of War was worshipped on Tuesday
Odin the Chief God is who Wednesday is named for
Thursday is Thor's day God of Thunder the Mighty Thor
Friday was named after Frigga, notice the pattern
Saturday is the Roman God of Agriculture Saturn
Frigga was the Goddess of love the wife of Odin
The polytheistic theologies needed decoding
The rituals like trips across the sand this man takes
The skull and bones fraternity the secret handshake
But understand, he receives only 33 degrees
He secretly believes in Lucifer and other deities
Many powerful and rich people are controlled by these
They even hold a soul of several of your favourite emcees
Politicians telling lies, tongues whittled with thrones
And use hand gestures shaped in the form of devil horns
You don't fear the city horn cause you don't know what it entails
Satan tampers with stem cells and sprays chemtrails

The so-called holidays are hypocrisy
Establish to use religious doctrines to commit annual robbery
Christmas splitting half as Christ-mass
The so-called birth of Jesus where every home as glowing lights cast
Christ the anointed one mass the birth celebration
But Jesus' birth was kept secret due to the situation
The king initiated a death plot
Cause the Messiah was prophesied to rule so Jesus' murder was authorized
No one knows the actual date
That's why sometimes you see X-mas, X means unknown but ignorance affects us
A fraud that was perfectly flawed
December 25th's the birthday of the wicked ruler Nimrod
This holy sky's part of Satan's universal wise
A Holy Profits like being pimped and commercialized
Traditions like lights on trees
Rooted in the Nicaea Council in 325 AD
By Constantine these matters would deceive
The concept of a virgin birth was actually conceived and then agreed
With graven images in the temple
The fish on your card is called Oannes, a Babylon symbol
It's visibly, contradictory
Telling your children lies you need to make em study Santa Clauses sick history
But yet we go wherever Satan leads us
The falsehoods we practicing his name ain't got nothing to do with Jesus!

15-08-2011, 15:18
Bueno, yo no soy fanatico de este genero de musica, mas bien yo escucho heavy metal y blues, perod e todos modos se me hace interesante la letra, yo coincido tambien en que es complicada, pero estas sociedades pueden ser muy reales, nadie sabe en realidad quien de verdad maneja a este mundo.